All About The Chantal Tea Kettle

One of the most trusted names in enamel-on-steel cookware, Chantal was the first to bring dramatic design, color, and environment-friendly elements in its products to the market. Founded in 1971, Chantal continues to build relationships with its customers through a line of products that are timeless, stylish and durable. This article aims to tell you all about Chantal’s exclusive line of tea kettles which are nothing less than a collector’s item.

Chantal’s classic kettle introduced over 25 years ago crafted in beautiful solid colors of enamel-on-steel continues to remain a favorite. copper kettle It is set apart by Chantal’s trademark stainless steel handle which provides a brilliant contrast to the enamel’s rich hue.

Other than being a designer piece when it comes to its look and style, Chantal kettles are functional, easy to use and low maintenance. Available in a variety of materials ranging from enamel on steel to copper and stainless, you can customize your requirements with Chantal’s award-winning kettles. Made to meet your every need, Chantal kettles come with a smooth enameled interior which prevents mineral build-up, a wide mouth that makes it easy to fill, sturdy handles to ensure a good grip that prevents slippage and a base that promotes fast heating. Moreover, all key touch points are equipped with easy cool features to prevent burns and the large mouth makes the kettle easy to clean and maintain. With all these features combined in its every product, it is no wonder that Chantal continues to remain the most preferred kettle in homes and kitchens the world over.

What also sets Chantal tea kettles apart is their unique Horner Harmonica whistle which makes a sound much like a freight train and gives your little tea gadget a character very much its own. So whatever color or material you possess your enamel coated kettle in, everyone is sure to know it’s a Chantal when it lets out that easy-to-distinguish whistle!

Price is an area where Chantal again scores big with most of its kettles being priced between $40 and $200. So, even if you do choose to go for a Chantal kettle that’s slightly higher end, at least you know you are investing in a quality product that will last years!

Always innovating, Chantal has recently introduced its Copper Fusion line keeping in mind the increasingly recognized qualities of copper as a material for kettles. With this initiative, Chantal aims to fuse all the benefits of copper with the convenience and appeal of enamel. While copper intrinsically carries a rustic beauty, Chantal’s exclusive range offers innovations that lend both contemporary and modern designs to suit a variety of tastes.

The market today is full of tea kettles of all kinds, material and designs which promise a host of features. However, what sets a¬†Chantal tea kettle¬†apart are its unique design and qualities making it easily identifiable as a product that is sure to remain a favorite for years. If you invest in a Chantal, you can rest assured you’ve brought home a classic that will age gracefully over time.

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