How to Teach Dogs Tricks

Can you teach your dog tricks? Yes, you can with the only catch being the method you use to achieve that objective. I am sure that you love your pet as much as any other person, but you must understand that ‘baby talk’ with your pet will not accomplish anything much except to drive your dog bonkers. Yeah, imagine being locked in a room with a person who does nothing all day except to say ‘you are so cute, so cuddly, you love your.’ Well, you get the idea, right? Anyway, you can train your dog without having to resort to any obedience schools, you can do this in quick time, the only catch is you need to use the right method in order for the dog to understand the commands and carry it out effectively.

With the help of Adam Katz dog training methods, you should be able to have your dog jumping through the hooplas in no time at all. Copper kettle Here are a few basic things to get you started on the right track.

1. The boss rules – just remember, that you are the boss and not the other way about. You will need to be firm when it comes to training your dog. Pampering your pet is fine, if all you are looking for is a ‘lap dog’. But if you want your dog to do more than just wag his tail, you will need to be firm. Just remember, you are the boss.

2. The donkey and the carrot method – Generally, this method is extremely effective, irrespective of the context it is used in, be it with your pet or with your employee. Your dog will understand the commands only if he is rewarded every now and then for his efforts. Remove the reward; you remove the incentive, so remember to reward your dog with those small treats each time he gets the command right.

3. Use the leash – Dogs in general are restless by nature, so getting them to sit still for a second, or to listen to you is a mammoth undertaking. So use the leash to control your pet and to make sure that they get the point, use a short leash. This would enable you to communicate more clearly with your pet.

4. Short sessions – Make sure that the training sessions are kept short for if you drag on the sessions, your pet is bound to get bored. Remember, the dull old boring history lessons that you had to sit though while in school, well, how well do you remember what you learnt in those classes. If the answer is in the negative, then how on earth do you expect your pet to retain information provided in the same manner? Remember, with short sessions your dog would get to have more fun and the chances are quite high that he will remember the commands accurately.

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