Indian Actor Looks to Kick Off Acting Career by Starting With US Film

America’s film video schools are now recognized as a great launching pad for actors, director and filmmaking professionals that even folks from the Bollywood industry are attending these video schools in hopes of forging a career back home in India. One such actor, Nilesh Sahai, hopes to become more bankable by graduating from a prestigious film school. Sahai, who comes from a family of Bollywood greats, hopes that by seeking an education in America he can become a more bankable actor, just like his iconic family members. Indian Actors He understand the situation India’s film industry is in, saying that with all the money riding on the backs of actors, it’s imperative that they are bankable and capable of helping revive Bollywood.

Nilesh though, already had an extensive background in film, even before looking at the United States’ roster of film video schools. Before starring in his debut film, “Angel”, he could be found working behind the camera. With his first film, he hopes that other actors and people working in the Indian film industry in general, follow his example and take their careers seriously to help Bollywood rise from the financial problems that have stifled growth in the last five years.

He points out that all Bollywood really needs is a number of hits. With the flops that the industry has suffered, the only way to get things back on track is to encourage everyone to make the best movies possible, he said.

Nilesh started out in the film industry at a relatively young age. After working as an assistant copywriter, he decided to go to one of the United State’s most prestigious film video schools, the New York Film Academy to take up acting. Upon returning to India, he dabbled in theatre, building a foundation to his acting career.


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